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Week 2 - Vegan Quest

As I continue my experiment with veganism, I have lost just 1 lb this week (OK, I'll take it), continue to feel great energy wise, and am seeing a slight decrease in blood sugars overall. Some things I have learned this week that I'd like to share for anyone looking to try going vegan (or vegetarian):

  • Wine makes me crave cereal - not sure why, but after a glass of wine (or 2) I get the munchies and crave cereal. At least it's healthy, right?
  • Tempeh is not my favorite thing - I prefer tofu for a soy based protein and Whole Foods salad bar has some great choices here.

Going Vegan

Per the direction of my personal trainer, all based on incredible research (see Forks over Knives), years of nutritional experience (theirs, not mine) and the desire to feel better, lose weight, and get off meds for diabetes and cholesterol, I figured, Why not? The holidays were not perfect - fish stew, gingerbread, wine, lot's of wine, and little exercise. I have been trying vegetarianism for a while for variety, with fish thrown in and two trials of meat to see if I felt better (no not really).

Naughty or Nice? Eating Through the Holidays

We all know the big man in red knows if you have been naughty or nice....but what about your waistline? As we all know, the holidays are full of treats, big meals and often a slightly bigger waistline come the New Year. But how do we avoid gaining weight over the holidays? Do we need to sacrifice celebration dinners, holiday parties or the unendless cookies we encounter? Are we doomed to be heavier in January?

Without having to give up everything and live on the carrots left for the reindeer, there are some simple substitutions that can be made to save fat, calories, and add a bit of added nutrition to our holiday dining.

Senior Eating and Personal Chefs

As we grow older and wiser, it is not uncommon to find ourselves dreading simple things like meal preparation and grocery shopping. For example, dinner may have focused on feeding a growing family, or a delight to experiment with new dishes. Today, as a single person, or someone who may not have the strength or endurance one once had, it has become a true challenge. Add in specific dietary restrictions, changes in tastes and tolerances, and it is easy to default to take out or a low salt turkey sandwich.

Old posts

For those of you who may be new to my site, I wanted to let you know that I started writing a blog at a different site, and wanted to share that information with you so that you may read some past blogs posted.  I will be posting here from now on, and wish to thank you for taking the time to read my blog, share your comments, and ask for a topic.

How to cook a turkey

Thanksgiving is upon us and it is time to cook the turkey.  Does this invoke fear in your kitchen? For many it does.

I know I always have to look up the cooking times, as I can never remember...and the decision as to cooking method is always a challenge. Do you roast in a paper bag, upside down, high temp, then low, brine it , fry it, butterfly it, stuff it or turducken it?

Over the years, we have tried many of these options in our house. Can I swear by any one in particular? Well, the last few years, I have started my turkey breast side down.


Stay Tuned for the Whims and Inspirations of this Personal Chef!

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