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Recipe trials, failures and Triumphs

OK, I admit it. I fell off the wagon. I warned you all that I am a little F.A.D.D.  I picked my recipes for the week.....then got side tracked. Disinterested. Taken out to dinner. Tired. But I did squeeze a few things in, and as promised wanted to share the past two weeks cooking adventures. I will apologize - no photos this week - remember I said tired? Mentally tired that is. Enough about that though - let's talk food.

I had a recipe for orange marmalade, which I love. As does one of my clients.

Veggies Galore - week 2 of recipe cookdown

Week 2 of my recipe cookdown, and I have selected a more veggie heavy menu this week. Our local farmers market had beautiful cabbage and sweet potatoes, so those had to be incorporated into this week's menu.

My husband can live on chili and coleslaw, so we will be working through several coleslaw recipes over the next few weeks. This week, he chose Jose Garces'Green Apple Truffle Coleslaw. Despite Anthony Bourdain's comment on truffle oil being the most vile thing around on The Taste, we made this anyway.

Another recipe trial

Week two of my file cookery test, and I am not as thrilled with this week's choices. Funny how on Sunday something looks really good, but by Thursday, not so much. Yes even for a personal chef, this can happen. So I had planned to make a few things, but then we had some leftovers from dinner out, and ended up putting one recipe aside.  There is always another week.  But this week I tried Food Network magazine'sSpicy MushroomsandGreen Tea Salmonwith Quinoa. 

The mushrooms sounded promising to go with some soy sausages and Brussels sprouts that I decided to have.

Recipe Resolution

As a foodie, cook and personal chef, I am always on the look out for new recipes, ideas and flavor combinations. As many of my peers well know, this is great fun, but can result in a deluge of paper - magazines, things we tear out or print from the web. There is not enough time or energy to sort through it all, and yet we keep looking for more, despite that huge file in the corner. Write your post here.

So my resolution to myself - go through old magazine, tear out what I think I will really make.

Summertime Suppers

Summer time is notorious for easier meals, hot hazy weather and little desire to cook big meals. So how does one continue to eat healthy, balanced meals when you'd rather be at the beach, or are glued to the A/C? 
One option of course is the grill. We all know how to grill a burger or hot dog, maybe even some shrimp. Try some different glazes instead of the typical BBQ sauce. Anapricot glazefor chicken,rum glazefor shrimp and apork glazewith a buzz (works on beef too)But do you grill your veggies too?

More Peas Please

Peas in a pod or pea pods? Sugar or snap peas? Black-eyed peas and field peas?   Want more peas? Please! Like peas in a pod, we line up for dinner to see those little green spheres on our plate. Some of us relish them, savor them with butter or a little mint. Others, well they try to hide them in their mashed potatoes. So why eat peas and which ones to choose?

I hope I can decipher the pea family for you a bit here....then perhaps encourage you to try more of them, especially in the spring when they are oh so good!

All Hail Kale!

Kale. It has become the new broccoli. As President Bush said - "I don't like broccoli and I am not going to eat it". OK, so that may be a simplified version of his statements, but I think a lot of us don't like kale. It's green, and leafy, which means it must be good for you....yuck. Sticks in your teeth, and all those health nuts eat it. No thanks.

Well let me try to persuade you to reconsider. Kale is high in vitamin C and K, moderate in Calcium, and low in fat and calories.

Grateful, thank you. Now comfort foods for fall.

This is just a quick note to say thank you to the over 100 comments that I have received on my blogs. I am happy to be able to offer advice, tips and suggestions for eating, and welcome suggestions for topics you may like to see.

As we get into winter, OK autumn, I won't rush you.......our eating habits tend to change. We want more comfort food and there are fewer choices of fresh locally grown produce. We want to hibernate and sleep in. Now is the time to take advantage of stews, chilis and casseroles.

Great Grains of Nutrition

We have all heard by now that whole grain is better than it bread, pasta or otherwise. Then there are the whole grains we are supposed to eat instead of rice or pasta - things like amaranth and quinoa. Sure they have higher nutritional value than the white stuff, but how do they stack up? Does quinoa have more protein than buckwheat? I wanted to compile this chart for my own selfish reasons as a quick reference to which grain might fit a nutritional need. Fortunately, I like to share this kind of information with all of you - hope you enjoy it and consider adding these grains to your dinner plate.

Sour milk, oh nuts.

We all know the horror of opening the fridge for the milk to pour on our cereal, and getting that sour, god awful smell or worse the chunks that land in your cheerios. No doubt about it - your milk is sour. And your stomach has probably turned sour too.....

As a vegan, I have come to realize that non dairy milks do not have that same big red flag. So how do you tell if almond, soy or coconut milk has gone bad?

Well first thing is to refer to the expiration date. This is a no-brainer. If the date has passed, toss it.

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