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Allergy Season and the Foods That Can Help

I wanted to write an article after recently learning that pineapple is a natural anti-histamine (a fighter of allergic reactions). Since pollen has been at an all time here in the Northeast, and perhaps where you live, I thought this could be a helpful topic to avoid the boxes of over the counter stuff that might make you drowsy while you may still need to fight all the fun symptoms of allergy season. Phew.....I stumbled on this article from and instead of re-writing something, I am going to borrow their information, with full credits to share with you:

Natural Antihistamines: 3 Foods that Fight Allergies
Get natural allergy relief from these edible antihistamines
:: by Cybele Pascal
There are some foods that contain the properties found in the antihistamine medication you might be familiar with from chemists and pharmacists. These natural antihistamines work towards naturally reducing the secretion of histamine–the allergy-causing element–by inhibiting the release or action of histamine without the side effects of drugs. This histamine is what is released during an allergic reaction and often causes an inflammatory response.

Colorful fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and bell peppers are rich in flavanoids, says These flavanoids act like antihistamines and also contain carotenes, which promote anti-inflammatory activity. According to, garlic and onions act in the same way to “retard the inflammatory reactions of allergies.”

Vitamin A
Fruits and vegetables are also full of vitamin A, which can help control allergic reactions. This is found most potently in spinach, mangoes, carrots, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables. Eat fruits and vegetables as fresh and as raw as possible for the best results.

Vitamin C
According to, the antioxidant Vitamin C “fights against the free radicals, boosts the immune system and relieves the symptoms of allergies.” This vitamin is abundant in fruits–particularly citrus ones.

Compounds - Herbs are a popular natural antihistamine– says they’re “enriched with compounds that can prevent or lower the secretion of histamine to provide allergy relief.” Try green tea, chamomile tea, nettle tea or ginger tea, and add garlic, thyme, fennel and basil to your recipes.

“Canola Oil, meat fed with grass and flax seed oil contain omega-3, which helps to calm down the allergies,” says You could also try salmon and walnuts to boost your intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

Quercetin and pycnogenol can inhibit the release of histamine by the mast cells, and hence, control allergic flare ups,” says Eat citrus fruits, broccoli, capsicum, berries, onions, garlic, tea and apples

According to, pineapple is one of the best natural antihistamines as it contains an enzyme called bromelain, “which has anti-inflammatory properties, and can facilitate proper absorption of quercetin and pycnogenol.”

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