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Senior Eating and Personal Chefs

As we grow older and wiser, it is not uncommon to find ourselves dreading simple things like meal preparation and grocery shopping. For example, dinner may have focused on feeding a growing family, or a delight to experiment with new dishes. Today, as a single person, or someone who may not have the strength or endurance one once had, it has become a true challenge. Add in specific dietary restrictions, changes in tastes and tolerances, and it is easy to default to take out or a low salt turkey sandwich.

Good nutrition is vital at all stages in our life. Good taste should be expected. Why eat something if it doesn’t taste great? As an active senior living in your own home, socializing and enjoying retirement, do you really want glorified TV dinners full of salt and lacking true flavor? Eating out can get expensive too and can wreak havoc on sensitive systems.

A USPCA Personal Chef could be the answer for seniors whose cooking days are behind them. A personal chef can work with you to understand the types of foods you enjoy, while respecting any dietary concerns you may have, such as a low sodium diet, non spicy food requirements or lactose intolerance. A personal chef will customize dishes for you, prepare them fresh with groceries purchased that morning, and package them in easy to heat individual servings to store in your freezer. You can have as many meals as you like, as often as you want them. Your chef will even do all of the cleanup!

CASE STUDY: Chef Laura MacDougall of Home Plate Advantage, Stoughton, MA, had a client call her looking for an option for meal preparation. This client was in good mental health, enjoyed great tasting fresh food, but painful back issues created an obstacle to cooking. She did not want home delivered meals that were bland and boring. She considered assisted living, but realized the $6,000 price tag a month was more than she wanted to cope with. She called Home Plate Advantage, and for a lot less money she had twenty meals that were delicious, fresh and convenient while allowing her to maintain her independent lifestyle.

Consider a Personal Chef the next time you are thinking of dinner options. It is more economical, convenient and delicious than you may realize.  Bon Appetit!

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