Personal Chef Service -
Frequently Asked Questions 
What is a Personal Chef?
A personal chef is NOT about mass produced meals in little containers or standard "pick one from column A" menus. A personal chef brings a unique blend of talents, skill and personalized service to your home. A personal chef plans, shops for and prepares meals that are hand picked just for you, using only the freshest ingredients. You just heat and eat!    
So, you're a caterer? 
As your personal chef, I pride myself in making your experience truly unique. I am a sole business owner, and therefore keep my parties small. From dinner for two to cocktails for 30, I like to keep things more intimate, allowing me to provide the best service I can and the menu interesting, not cookie cutter. If you require a bartender  or servers for your event, I am happy to provide that service to you. For larger parties I have partnered with a colleague to offer expanded services of up to 100 guests, kitchen space dependent.
Why have a Personal Chef Service?
A personal chef can save you time (up to 10 hours a week), money (no more wasted ingredients you meant to cook), and even your health (all fresh ingredients give you healthier options over takeout). Dinner is ready in minutes and cleanup is a snap!
A personal chef can also provide you the chance to try something different, without having ingredients leftover that you'll never use. Vegetarian, vegan, Indian, Greek or any cuisine you'd like to taste, let me make the dish for you!  Special diets are always welcome - gluten, dairy free, celiac's or food sensitive.
Do I need to have special equipment for you to cook for me?
No! When I come to your home to cook for you, I will bring everything I need to prepare your meals. The only exceptions are the large appliances - refrigerator, freezer, cook top and oven - all in working order. A microwave is a plus, a clean work area is a must.   
Can I give a personal chef as a gift?
A personal chef is a wonderful gift for new moms, brides-to-be and their families, elderly parents, or anyone who wants to eat well, but doesn't have the time, skills, or physical ability to cook for themselves. Perfect for the holidays, graduations, baby showers, as a condolence gift or special thank you. Please call for details or click here for pricing.      
What areas do you service?
I am based in Plainville, MA and am happy to serve the greater Boston and Providence area, within the 495 belt as well as the 95S - Providence corridor and southeastern MA. Please call for your free in-home consultation today! 
How are prices determined?
Your initial consultation is FREE! Once you decide to have me cook for you we will select a plan that best suits your needs (a typical service is 5 entrees of 4 servings each). A flat fee applies, plus the cost of groceries for most cases and includes a customized menu, grocery shopping, preparation of all meals, packaging, and cleanup.  Parties are priced based on the event.
Do you provide any special services?
Yes! Have an idea for a food centered event? Need help prepping, shopping, or menu planning? Just ask. Ladies' teas, cocktail parties, first date dinners, wine tasting parties, I am happy to oblige. What is your cooking need? Unique requests are welcome.   
Do you only cook gourmet food? 
No! I cook the food you want to if your tastes are more gourmet, exotic or of an international flare - I am happy to "fuss". But if you prefer comfort food, have family favorites, or really just like your meat and potatoes, I am more than happy to prepare your favorite "classics".  
If there is an accident in my home, are you responsible? 
As a member of the USPCA, I have a $1M liability insurance policy for any damage that I may cause in your home. Rest assured, I have not had a kitchen accident in the many years I have been cooking....except that time I burnt a finger on a hot pot.  Ouch.