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Personal Chef Laura MacDougall
As a personal chef, my goal is to feed my customers food they love, prepared with the best ingredients I can find, that can be enjoyed in the comfort of their own homes.
Jammies and wine optional! 
About the Chef
It all started the day I could see over the counter in my mom's kitchen. I would help with the cooking after a weekend of picking local produce, during dinner parties and holidays, and even made "experimental" dishes for my younger sister. When my dad had heart surgery, we all learned how to eat heart friendly - lot's of chicken and olive oil! This healthier way of eating has followed me to this day.
When I headed to college to pursue a chemistry degree, my family was surprised. My mom thought I would go for culinary school, as I was always happiest in the kitchen. Well, chemistry led to marketing which led to a lot of frustration in the corporate world, and after 20 years, I decided to go back to the beginning. 
In July, 2008 I headed to Decatur, Georgia for Personal Chef Training through the Culinary Business Academy and have found my place! My passion for preparing great food has been rekindled, my joy of feeding others has been focused into a life path, and I have gained the confidence to pursue a dream.  
"Food has always been a love of mine, and I have been blessed to have been exposed to many different cultures, cuisines and flavors in my life time. I continue to explore new recipes and ingredients and look forward to sharing them with you." -Chef Laura 
Bon Appetit! 
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