.......  Personal Chef Service -
We are LOVING LOVING LOVING the wonderful meals you cooked for us. -Phyl and Melissa Fine, Sharon, MA

"Everything was perfect .....you made this so easy!" Paul Somerville on Dinner for 10

"I won (Laura's) donation to the Auction. She was wonderful, and a lovely person, not to mention an excellent cook! It was a pleasure meeting her and I hope to do more business with her in the future and will definitely recommend her to my friends.  
- J. B., Canton

I want to congratulate you on your abilities and your professionalism. It was a pleasure to have you in out home. We sent out e-mails to our friends and relatives that would use your services....You will be hearing from us. -Andy, Billerica (Dinner for 8)

WHAT A WONDERFUL JOB YOU DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The dinner party was a huge success and there were raves all around.  … [our friends] had two full helpings and there was still enough left over for my lunch - yum!
Last night we had the meatballs with spinach and cheese - that was a wow and it turns out that Nat, Bob and I can have a good dinner on what is marked for a serving for two;-)   You are a wonderful cook and the food is fabulous!  Thank you. –Liz Hunter, Walpole, MA
You made Sean and my anniversary a beautiful and romantic experience.  I can't say enough about how impressed we were with not only your professionalism, but your friendliness and graciousness as well.  Sean told me that hiring you was the best Anniversary gift I have ever given him.  He was just so happy and impressed.  Normally he does not like surprises, but this surprise was perfect… 
The food you prepared was superb.  Perfectly cooked steak, the right cut.  The mashed potatoes were out of this world incredible.  And we are Irish, so I pride myself in my mashed potatoes!  Yours were much better though.  We loved all of the food.  The right portions, wonderful flavor, and the desert was out of this world! Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.  You made our 19th anniversary one to remember for many years. -Renee Carlson, Brockton, MA
I've loved every dish I have tried, and the only one still awaiting a taste test is the chicken (apricot and pecan stuffed breast with bourbon molasses sauce) dish. The shrimp (with spiced masala and coconut milk)  is especially savory, and I could live quite happily on your couscous with dried fruit   …..I'm trying to pace myself - spreading the meals out a bit by alternating with various "plain food" items that I forage from my cupboards - but it's hard: I want to eat Laura's delicious cooking at every dinner! -Marcia, Winthrop, MA
I can well imagine Marcia looks forward to your meals as they sound absolutely delicious! I am so glad to have found you. Not only are you a wonderful chef but you are also a very caring person. - P. Greaves, friend and food fairy for Marcia in Winthrop
"Being on the go all the time I decided to give Home Plate Advantage a try, and I'm glad I did. The food was excellent and easy to prepare. Laura does a great job and the service I highly recommend." - Mark, Norwood, MA
"Everything was so good. We really loved the lasagna! Thanks again for cooking for us". - Joyce, Stoughton, MA
"Home Plate Advantage is a perfect solution for anyone with a hectic schedule, for someone looking for a unique gift idea, or perhaps someone who can't cook - - like me!!.  All meals were prepared with my likes, dislikes and lifestyle in mind.  I appreciated the convenience of coming home, following a few directions and quickly having a healthy, home cooked meal at my fingertips. In addition to a menu plan and substitution suggestions, Laura left simple directions and a kitchen that was cleaner than she started with! 
- J. Joyce, Canton, MA
I wanted to take this opportunity to say - many thanks for your wonderful cooking and making our event enjoyable for all of us.  Several of my clients called and express how delicious your selections are !!  You definitely WOW them ! Laura, I am so glad we had you to help us with this event.  Thank you ...thank you !! -J. Chou, Ideal Skin, Stoughton, MA
We are enjoying everything very much! The kugel was so good it got 10 thumbs up. We shared it with family and they loved it…my daughter said it is a must for a birthday party we are having in April. You have inspired us to try new things… and we are having good experiences. Thank you!  - Shirley B., Sharon, MA
Laura - Thank you so much for Sunday, they had a wonderful time and they thought you were great.  The food was wonderful too, they enjoyed it so much. - K. M., purchased dinner gift for her parents
"I am a very busy professional. The personal chef service is perfect for me. I get to have the meals I enjoy without having to shop and cook. I The meals are prepared the way I like them and are delicious! I highly recommend this service." - David, Norwood, MA
I will certainly put in a good word to Tim (of Wood Palace Kitchens), so he will consider you for future International Night events, and I'll look forward to tasting more of your creative efforts! - Attendee of  International Night - Spain at Wood Palace Kitchens in Middleboro, MA